The Value Of Building A Relationship

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The Value of Building A Relationship
Marketing and selling are a lot like dating.
Let me explain….
Imagine you’re on a first date to a nice Italian restaurant and you’ve just met your date for the first time. All you want to do is try to get to know each other so you can decide if it’s going to be a good fit for a 2nd date, right?
So, when you’re meeting a prospect (online or offline), it’s important that you focus on building a strong relationship with that person first. You don’t want to start off by saying “Hey, you should buy my stuff.” That would be like the dog on a 1st date that asks for… well, lets just say way too much right out of the gate. They just squashed any chance of building a strong, trusting relationship moving forward.
The beginning of any relationship is a critical and sensitive time. Whether you’re looking for your “soul-mate” or a buyer for your product or service, you have to be very thoughtful about the type of 1st impression you make.
Building a strong relationship with a customer or prospect is how you build trust and trust is what pays you the big dollars. When you gain the trust of your prospect, the chances of that prospect purchasing from you goes through the roof. Or in the dating scenario, your chances of getting a 2nd date have greatly improved.
So the challenge in business is keeping up with all of your prospects, past customers, and current customers on a consistent basis.
A simple solution: Invest in creating an eNewsletter like this one and/or a physical newsletter that gets sent to your most important prospects & customers once a month minimally. I guarantee you’ll improve your bottom line! I’ve seen it happen time + time again.
So, if you’re out there trying to hit a homerun on the 1st date with your prospects, and you’re finding that you’re turning a lot of people off, try building a relationship and trust with them FIRST!
Don’t be a DOG…
Instead be thoughtful, courteous, and share your knowledge & expertise. Your prospects will be ‘turned-on.” Trust me! Woof!
Your Furry Friend,
Max Conversion

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