BCA Member Mixer

Tucson Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America held an evening mixer November 6th 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  for member companies to attend to unwind and enjoy some relaxed conversation. Members gathered at Tucson’s Native New Yorker.

11-06-13 BCA Mixer  Companies that were able to attend were Burns Pest Elimination, Udall Law Firm, Online Internet Results, RCM CPAs, Eagle Rock Excavation, Ventana Landscaping and Canyon Building & Design.

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Business Clubs America brings members together in 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  different settings so that members can learn more about each other, become more comfortable with one another and truly build a strong trust factor and business relationship. As these business relationships become more solid, members can more easily refer new business to other members as the situation arises.

Being a member of BCA means you have 18 companies serving as part of your new business development team. If this type of referral marketing way of securing new business for your company is of interest to you, please call 520-429-4283 and schedule a meeting to learn all the benefits of BCA and see if this might be a fit for you.

Udall Law Firm Business Round Table

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America members convened for a business round Udall Law Firm Tucsontable on October 30th which was hosted by Udall Law Firm in their conference room.

BCA Round Table 10-30-13  BCA Members that came for lunch and the Udall presentation were Adkins Cabling, Crest Insurance Group, AdVision, Online Internet Results, Canyon Building & Design, Burns Pest Elimination and Regier, Carr & Monroe CPA. Guest companies included AquaChill and Small Business Development Centers.

BCA Round Table 10-30-13
Mimi Pietro of Udall Law Firm
discussing Trade Secrets

After the catered lunch, host member, Udall Law Firm, conducted their presentation. Udall Partner, Mimi Pietro, involved the members in a discussion of Arizona’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act and what it means to companies. She explained how BCA members can protect themselves and their company’s secret and private information from employee theft.

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BCA Round Table 10-30-13  BCA members are devoted to helping each other grow new business.

Should you want an group of companies to become part of your new business developmentteam, then consider becoming a member of Business Clubs America. Every member is dedicated to helping each other member grow their business.

To find out if this model would be a fit for your growth plans, call 520-429-4283 to arrange a meeting to learn more about Business Clubs America.

Burns Pest Elimination Round Table

Business Clubs AmericaWednesday, October 9th, Business Clubs America members Burns Logocame together for a business round table hosted by Burns Pest Elimination. The event was held in the facilities of BCA Member The Beacon Group.

Brandon Bosshardt Burns Pest Elimination
Brandon Bosshardt-
Burns Pest Elimination

BCA Member companies attending were Burns Pest Elimination, AdVision, Online Internet Results, University of Phoenix, Crest Insurance Group, The Beacon Group, Udall Law Firm and BCA’s newest member Adkins Cabling. Guest companies included Aqua Chill and ATI Restoration.

Burns Pest Elimination presided over a 20 minutepresentation that featured all their core services and the kinds of customers they were BCA Round Table 10-09-13  seeking. At the completion of the presentation, several BCA Members commented on their complete satisfaction of their company’s dealings with Burns Pest Elimination.

All member companies who were present received a few minutes to introduce themselves and present information that other members may not have known about that company. Several members explained that they learned a lot about other members during that time.

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BCA Round Table 10-09-13  Business Clubs America is dedicated to bringing members together in a variety of scenarios so that members really get to know one another and build a strong trust factor. This strong trust factor then allows all to refer and recommend other members without hesitation. Being a BCA member is like having 20 companies act as if they were part of your new business development department.

Should you wish to learn the full benefits of a BCA Membership and then determine if BCA is a fit for your company, please call 520-429-4282.

Crest Insurance VP Receives Award

Business Clubs America

Extends a Hearty Congratulations to
Brett Rustand,
Vice President of Crest Insurance Group
“The Man of Year”

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University Of Phoenix GradNation

Tucson University Of PhoenixThanks to BCA Member Gregg Johnson, Ed. D., Campus Director of University of Phoenix, Gregg JohnsonSouthern Arizona for sharing this announcement.
Save the date to meet more than 200 leaders from Non Profits, Education, Business and Government!

Grad Nation Summit.SavetheDate-2

BCA Signature Event

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness  Clubs America held it’s quarterly Signature MorningCanyon Building & Design Event at Loews Ventana Canyon on September 27th. Over 100  Tucson business leaders, BCA Members and guests turned out for this opportunity to meet new business contacts, enjoy and fine 09-27-13 BCA Signature Event  breakfast buffet and hear the guest speaker. The BCA member hosting the affair was Canyon Building & Design.

All attendees were able to spend time before the buffet opened to enjoy coffee and juice,  meet and greet each other, shake some new hands, get introductions to new contacts and understand how BCA can bring top level decision makers into their universe.

BCA Signature Event 09-27-13Once the program got underway, Canyon Building & Design presented a video which allowed the room to see various completed building projects that demonstrated the outstanding work they do. Canyon Building & Design showed they can construct any kind of structure a client needs.

09-27-13 BCA Signature Event
Ron J West

The morning’s keynote speaker was Ron J. West of Corporate Transformation. Ron provides consulting, executive coaching, guest speaking among other services. His program focused on 4 basic different personality traits of people and how to observe the differences in the work place. Plus he explained how to work with each. Ron has a new book “Corporate Caterpillars-How To Grow Wings”.

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This type of event is just one of many structured gatherings BCA provides for it’s members. BCA brings it’s members together in various settings so that trust is built between members because they all come to know one other both on a 09-27-13 BCA Signature Event  business and a personal level. Trust comes from knowledge about one another built up over time.

To see if Business Clubs America is a fit for your company or organization, call 520-429-4283 to set up a meeting. We will come learn about your company, discuss all the benefits, answer your questions and then let you decide is this for you.

BCA Evening Event

Business Clubs AmericaMembers of Business Clubs America came together on the Canyon Building & Designevening of September 26th for the opportunity to meet the Keynote Speaker of the next day’s Signature Event. The evening was hosted by BCA Charter Member Canyon Building & Design. Members were able to have one on one conversations with Ron J. West of Corporate Transformation. This intimate opportunity was held at Claim Jumper on E. Broadway.

09-26-13 BCA PM Event  Attending companies included Canyon Building & Design, Crest Insurance Group, Burns Pest Elimination, Online Internet Results, Suddeth Relocation Systems among others.

Mark Martin(Canyon Bldg & Design)(L) - Ron J West(Keynote Speaker)(R)
Mark Martin(Canyon Bldg & Design)(L) – Ron J West(Keynote Speaker)(R)

Ron J West of Corporate Transformation provides consulting services, Executive coaching and speaking services. He has also just published his new book “Corporate Caterpillers-How To Grow Wings”.

09-26-13 BCA PM Event
Mark Martin(l), Jim Perrine President BCA(c)
Barndonn Bosshardt(Burns Pest Elimination(r)

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Business Clubs America is Tucson’s premier business referral and networking organization. BCA brings members together in a variety of organized events and activities so that members get to know one another and build trust with one another. Having trust with fellow members allows each member to comfortably refer their contacts and clients to other members when the situation arises.

To find out all the benefits of being a Business Clubs America member, call 520-429-4283 to set up a meeting. We will learn more about your company, discuss how BCA functions and then determine if a membership would be a fit for your business.

Online Internet Results Round Table

Tucson Business Clubs Americaonline-internet-results-horizontal-logo-retina1-300x83Business Clubs America members convened this past week on 8/28 for a member round table hosted by Online Internet Results. The event took place in a spacious classroom area provided by BCA Member University of Phoenix.

Ria Godoy -Online Internet Results
Ria Godoy -Online Internet Results

BCA members who were in attendance were the Crest Insurance Group, Burns Pest Elimination, Udall Law Firm, Regier Carr & Monroe, University of Phoenix and of course Online Internet Results. Guest companies were Saber Consulting and CareMinders.

Attendees were given a variety of BCA Round Table 08-28-13 information concerning Search Engine Optimization and why it is so important in today’s online marketing environment. Some of the sub-topics included:

  • Understand your business goals and the needs of your online users.
  • Analyze your current SEO standings and general online practices.
  • Study your online competitors and specific industry variables.
  • Identify your SEO gaps and your strongest SEO opportunities.
  • Create and implement custom online strategies for your business

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BCA Round Table 08-28-13 Business Clubs America places members together in a variety of organized environments so they may get to know one another, gain better understanding of other member’s business, and build a trusting and lasting relationship. Therefore, referring each other when the occasion arises is greatly enhanced.

To find out if the BCA model is a fit for your new business development, call 520-429-4283 to arrange a meeting. We can learn about you, you can learn about us, then determine if a BCA membership is right for you.

BCA Lunch & Learn August 21st

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America members spent a very informative lunch Udall Law Firmtime on August 21st at the University of Phoenix, BCA’s Home of Professional Development. Member companies in attendance were the Crest BCA Lunch & Learn 08-21-13  Insurance Group, Udall Law Firm, The Beacon Group, Regier Carr & Monroe, Online Internet Results, Burns Pest Elimination and The University of Phoenix. Data Works attended as a guest.

Udall Law Firm had the day’s presentation. Erin Byrnes and Tom Laue provided the information of the seminar: “E-Discovery – What Every Business Needs To Know Before It’s Too Late”. Members learned about their obligations to preserve,

08-21-13 (43)A
Erin Byrnes-Udall Law Firm

collect, search and produce electronically stored information(ESI) when litigation is “reasonably anticipated”. Plus they heard about a variety of intertwined subjects relating to ESI.

Each month, BCA provides the platform for members to hear about a variety of important, business related topics at events such as this.

See a few more photos of the Lunch & Learn on this BCA Photo Link.

Should you want an group of companies to become part of your new business development BCA Lunch & Learn 08-21-13 team, then consider becoming a member of Business Clubs America. Every member is dedicated to helping each other member grow their business.

To find out if this model would be a fit for your growth plans, call 520-429-4283 to arrange a meeting to learn more about Business Clubs America.

The Value Of Building A Relationship

Business Clubs AmericaJim Perrine, President and CEO of Business Clubs America – Southern Arizona wanted to share this article with you from OnlineVisibilityPros.com :

The Value of Building A Relationship
Marketing and selling are a lot like dating.
Let me explain….
Imagine you’re on a first date to a nice Italian restaurant and you’ve just met your date for the first time. All you want to do is try to get to know each other so you can decide if it’s going to be a good fit for a 2nd date, right?
So, when you’re meeting a prospect (online or offline), it’s important that you focus on building a strong relationship with that person first. You don’t want to start off by saying “Hey, you should buy my stuff.” That would be like the dog on a 1st date that asks for… well, lets just say way too much right out of the gate. They just squashed any chance of building a strong, trusting relationship moving forward.
The beginning of any relationship is a critical and sensitive time. Whether you’re looking for your “soul-mate” or a buyer for your product or service, you have to be very thoughtful about the type of 1st impression you make.
Building a strong relationship with a customer or prospect is how you build trust and trust is what pays you the big dollars. When you gain the trust of your prospect, the chances of that prospect purchasing from you goes through the roof. Or in the dating scenario, your chances of getting a 2nd date have greatly improved.
So the challenge in business is keeping up with all of your prospects, past customers, and current customers on a consistent basis.
A simple solution: Invest in creating an eNewsletter like this one and/or a physical newsletter that gets sent to your most important prospects & customers once a month minimally. I guarantee you’ll improve your bottom line! I’ve seen it happen time + time again.
So, if you’re out there trying to hit a homerun on the 1st date with your prospects, and you’re finding that you’re turning a lot of people off, try building a relationship and trust with them FIRST!
Don’t be a DOG…
Instead be thoughtful, courteous, and share your knowledge & expertise. Your prospects will be ‘turned-on.” Trust me! Woof!
Your Furry Friend,
Max Conversion