Tracy Bullock

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Decison Maker First Name Tracy
Decison Maker Last Name Bullock
Phone 6025243950
Name Tracy Bullock

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Company Name Bullock Training & Development
Member Level Associate
Description Sandler Training is based on the philosophy of behavior change over time and solid communication skills. Our unique reinforcement training empowers professionals to change Behaviors, develop new Attitudes, and improve Techniques. It requires patience, determination, and support which we provide for our clients to ensure consistent, lasting success. On-Going focus is to: * Build Better Habits - Install a “more, better, different” approach to your goals, plans, and actions. * Reinforce Positive Beliefs - Improve the way you think about yourself, your organization, and the marketplace. * Execute Innovative Strategies - Apply more effective strategies and tactics with the appropriate personal presence. We encourage participants to develop better habits and behaviors. Changing long-term habits is very difficult. If we could change permanently on a whim, we would. Long-term training allows for trial and error, failure, and success. We empower participants to apply the concepts, replace non-productive habits, and build sustainable action plans which lead to sales mastery when applied consistently. Reinforcement training allows participants time to shift their attitudes. Regular sessions in a safe environment provide opportunities for participants to practice techniques. People learn by doing. Learning Sales, Leadership, Management, or Professional Development principles is very similar. We encourage you to practice role-plays, simulations, and other low-risk situations rather than experimenting in the field or on your teams. The Sandler process is your GPS to Success. Our reinforcement training strategy includes a continuous improvement journey, which allows you to evaluate progress and recalculate your course if necessary. We will help guide you to higher and higher levels of success. We will help guide you to higher levels of success through: * Evaluation * Impact Training * Reinforcement Training * Accountability * Continuous Improvement
Target Client Profile $5 MM+ in annual Sales – Mid-Size Business to Enterprise 20 + people in the company/3-5 minimum in Business Development, Sales
Number of Employees 11 - 49