Darrin Schenck

Contact Information

Decison Maker First Name Darrin
Decison Maker Last Name Schenck
Address 55 South McQueen Rd
State Arizona
City Gilbert
Zipcode 85233
Phone 602-422-9151
Email dschenck@triagenow.net
Website http://www.triagenow.net
Name Darrin Schenck

Members Information

Company Name TraigeNow
Market Arizona, Phoenix
Member Level Associate
Short Description Reduce Worker's Comp claims, injuries
Description Reduce claim volume. Save Money. Save Time TriageNow gets your employees the appropriate level of care. Nationwide statistics show that over 70% of workplace injuries are minor injuries such as sprains/strains, bruises and contusions, and also slips and falls. Many of these types of injuries never need to become a claim if handled properly by a Registered Nurse. Your company cannot risk having a Supervisor making these medical decisions, so partnering with TriageNow will allow us to bear the responsibility of guiding the employee to the appropriate level of care for their injury. Our Registered Nurses are trained to make these decisions and are responsible for the medical guidance given. Save money on workers compensation while upping your level of care. Show your employees how much your company cares for them by offering a service that avails a Registered Nurse to speak to within minutes of the injury, and then any time day or night with follow up questions. By guiding the employee to the right level of care, they are on the path to healing much faster, and can return to work much sooner. Your company will experience fewer claims overall, reducing the costs associated with Worker’s Comp and unnecessary medical treatment. Why we do what we do… We are a group of committed professionals striving to provide care and compassion to injured employees. How we do what we do… We provide a 24/7 bilingual Registered Nurse triage call center dedicated to guiding the injured worker to the appropriate level of care at the time of need. What we do… We save companies thousands of dollars on Worker’s Comp costs by reducing the overall number of claims filed and helping them avoid over-utilization of medical services when other medical protocols are prudent. Our Vision is to continue to build nationwide partnerships that offer the best service and solutions for our clients through a relentless pursuit of innovative technology and exceptional customer service. Become a partner and gain from our difference. Partner with TriageNow.
Target Client Profile Construction, Employers, PEOs, Insurance Brokers, Drug Testing
Number of Employees 11 - 49