Member To Member Lunch

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America bring it’s members together in different settings so that members get to know each other and each 02-26-14 Member to Member Lunch (12)Aothers’ companies thoroughly. On Wednesday, February 26, a member to member lunch was held for a small contingent of members.  Companies represented were The Beacon Group, AdVision Outdoor, Udall Law Firm, Burns Pest Elimination, RCM CPAs and AquaChill.

02-26-14 Member to Member Lunch (7)AEach attending member was able to hold conversations with the other members and as a group each company expressed business categories that would be ideal for them to meet.

02-26-14 BCA Member to Member Lunch (10)A
Mimi Petro(Udall Law Firm)(L),
David Spear(The Beacon Group)(C)
Stephen King(The Beacon Group)(R)

Personally helping other members to grow new business is the goal of each BCA Member. Through trust building and education of what each member is about, all members can confidently refer members into their contact and acquaintance databases. BCA helps build trust amongst member through all kinds of these member events.

Should this type of philosophy to grow new business appeal to you, call 520-429-4283 to schedule a meeting so BCA can learn about your business, you can learn all the benefits of Business Clubs America and we’ll see if there might be a fit for both.