Join us for this Business Clubs of America Roundtable Event, Windrose Law Center

Join us for Windrose Law Center’s FIRST Roundtable Event!

We will delve into your business development initiatives and create face-to-face meetings and introductions to help meet your stipulated goals.

New Relationships…New Business!

Be prepared to share three minutes about:

  • Your core business
  • What separates you from your competitors
  • Concrete ways that members can help you
  • To whom you would like personal face-to-face introductions

Kristin’s Handout for Estate Planning
and Business Planning

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This event is open to BCA Members and their invited guests.

Attend in person:
RENCO Roofing
2210 W Shangri La Rd, Ste A1
Phoenix, AZ 85029


Attend Via Zoom here.
Call here: 669-900-6833
Meeting ID: 227 559 7219
Password: 444888


ABOUT Windrose Law Center, PLC
Guiding Individuals, Families, and Small Business Owners by Planning the Road Ahead

Windrose Law Center is a boutique law firm committed to helping families and businesses. We provide exceptional services at a reasonable fee.  Rather than being the “jack of all trades” and providing legal services in a great variety of practice areas, Windrose Law Center is exclusively committed to asset protection, legacy planning, estate planning, and business planning. 

Kristin Moye has focused on risk management and succession planning issues since 2011. After running her own estate planning and business law firm for several years, founding attorney Kristin Moye began exclusively advising attorneys on the best ways to minimize their risk and create successful businesses. She never lost sight of her passion for estate planning and asset protection as she coached business owners on the best way to develop their succession plan. Friends still continued to approach her to help them answer the question, “What would happen to my family if I did not make it home tonight?” Ms. Moye realized that for too many people, the answer to this question for too many people is that a court would get involved. Probate might ensue. A judge could decide. Kristin expanded her scope of practice to not only help small businesses but to also help individuals and families plan their legacy and protect their assets.

Contact: Kristin Moye, (602) 457 – 1846, email here

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LOCATION: Renco Roofing DATE: Thursday June 04, 2020 TIME: 11:30 am - 01:00 pm FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Contact: Kathleen Malone
Phone: 602.799.1617

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2210 W Shangri La Rd Ste A1 Phoenix, AZ 85029


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