BCA Member Mixer

Tucson Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America held an evening mixer November 6th 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  for member companies to attend to unwind and enjoy some relaxed conversation. Members gathered at Tucson’s Native New Yorker.

11-06-13 BCA Mixer  Companies that were able to attend were Burns Pest Elimination, Udall Law Firm, Online Internet Results, RCM CPAs, Eagle Rock Excavation, Ventana Landscaping and Canyon Building & Design.

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Business Clubs America brings members together in 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  different settings so that members can learn more about each other, become more comfortable with one another and truly build a strong trust factor and business relationship. As these business relationships become more solid, members can more easily refer new business to other members as the situation arises.

Being a member of BCA means you have 18 companies serving as part of your new business development team. If this type of referral marketing way of securing new business for your company is of interest to you, please call 520-429-4283 and schedule a meeting to learn all the benefits of BCA and see if this might be a fit for you.

Udall Law Firm Business Round Table

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America members convened for a business round Udall Law Firm Tucsontable on October 30th which was hosted by Udall Law Firm in their conference room.

BCA Round Table 10-30-13  BCA Members that came for lunch and the Udall presentation were Adkins Cabling, Crest Insurance Group, AdVision, Online Internet Results, Canyon Building & Design, Burns Pest Elimination and Regier, Carr & Monroe CPA. Guest companies included AquaChill and Small Business Development Centers.

BCA Round Table 10-30-13
Mimi Pietro of Udall Law Firm
discussing Trade Secrets

After the catered lunch, host member, Udall Law Firm, conducted their presentation. Udall Partner, Mimi Pietro, involved the members in a discussion of Arizona’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act and what it means to companies. She explained how BCA members can protect themselves and their company’s secret and private information from employee theft.

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BCA Round Table 10-30-13  BCA members are devoted to helping each other grow new business.

Should you want an group of companies to become part of your new business developmentteam, then consider becoming a member of Business Clubs America. Every member is dedicated to helping each other member grow their business.

To find out if this model would be a fit for your growth plans, call 520-429-4283 to arrange a meeting to learn more about Business Clubs America.

Crest Insurance VP Receives Award

Business Clubs America

Extends a Hearty Congratulations to
Brett Rustand,
Vice President of Crest Insurance Group
“The Man of Year”

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Lunch And Learn April 10th

Business Clubs AmericaThe Lunch and Learn series continues for Business Clubs BCA Lunch And Learn 04-10-13 America members. These events are held at the Home of BCA’s Professional Tucson University Of PhoenixDevelopment, University of Phoenix, Southern Arizona.

Among the BCA Members attending were Udall Law Firm, The Beacon Group, University of Phoenix, Sasiadek’s Information Technologies, Crest Insurance Group, Horizon Moving Systems and AdVision. Guest companies included Office Smart and AquaChill.

Sean O'Neil of Remember Media
Sean O’Neil of Remember Media

The April 10th session was called “Unlocking Your Memory Power” featuring guest speaker Sean O’Neill, President of Remember Media, whose mission is simply to help individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the world to unlock their true memory potential by bringing affordable, entertaining and world class memory training (that works) directly into the living room or boardroom. Sean provided an entertaining hour of information and demonstrations.

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Jim Perrine(L), Mimi Petro(2nd from Left, Glen McDaniel(2nd from Right, Dan Dolan(R)
Jim Perrine(L), Mimi Petro(2nd from Left,
Glen McDaniel(2nd from Right, Dan Dolan(R)

When Business Clubs America members gather, relationships are strengthened and the commitment to help each other grow new business is heightened. Businesses and organizations that belong to Business Clubs America build strong, trusting, relationships with one another. Then all members act as a representative of all members’ new business development departments.. constantly being vigilant for new opportunities for their fellow members.

Should this type of relationship marketing and business networking activities seem like an action in which you would want to participate, call 520-429-4283 to set up a meeting to see if BCA is a fit for you.

BCA Member Luncheon 08-23-12

Business Clubs America  in Tucson, AZ held a small luncheon for several of it’s members on August 23rd at the Claim Jumper restaurant. This small event was set up as another way that BCA helps members learn about one another so that each member can help recognize and  facilitate new business opporutunities for each other when the situation arises.

Business Clubs America members represented at the luncheon were University of Phoenix, Premier Printing & Mailing, Sasiadek’s Information Technologies, The Beacon Group/Beacon Connect, Horizon Moving Systems, Aztec Flooring & Regier Carr & Monroe CPAs.

Business Clubs America works to help members build relationships with one another, build trust with one another, and helps each member build new business through referrals from other members. In essence, each BCA member is a part of each members new business development team.

Should this business model be of interest to you, please call 520-429-4283 to learn how this relationship marketing organization can benefit your business. This is a Tucson networking organization at the highest level.

BCA Member Pipeline Conference Call

Tucson Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America, on a bi-weekly basis, provides members the opportunity to share with other members the companies with which they are seeking introductions. Members on the call who have the contact information then pave the way the member to make the contact. This could be in the way of the proper contact name and number to actually placing a call on the members behalf.

All members then receive an email with all notes from all members on the conference call so they can act accordingly with contact information and calls into the appropriate new business decision makers.

On this week’s pipeline call(May 4, 2011) Bruce Zeiter of Premier Printing & Mailing passed along the following Thank Yous to BCA Members..

To Roy Sasiadek of Sasiadek’s Information Technologies for the contact into Tucson Pizza Huts; to Rick Shelly of Horizon Moving Systems for providing a list of new companies moving to the Tucson area; to Brian Gallup of National Bank of AZ for setting up meeting with Pima Heart; to Patty Thompson of National Bank of AZ for the follow up with the American Heart Assn; to Terry Dwyer of Udall Law Firm for setting up meeting with Accura systems.

Business Clubs America is Tucson’s premier referral and networking group/organization. New business develop through member cooperation provides a company with a large new business development department. For more information on BCA membership, call 520-429-4283.