Burns Pest Elimination Round Table

Business Clubs AmericaWednesday, October 9th, Business Clubs America members Burns Logocame together for a business round table hosted by Burns Pest Elimination. The event was held in the facilities of BCA Member The Beacon Group.

Brandon Bosshardt Burns Pest Elimination
Brandon Bosshardt-
Burns Pest Elimination

BCA Member companies attending were Burns Pest Elimination, AdVision, Online Internet Results, University of Phoenix, Crest Insurance Group, The Beacon Group, Udall Law Firm and BCA’s newest member Adkins Cabling. Guest companies included Aqua Chill and ATI Restoration.

Burns Pest Elimination presided over a 20 minutepresentation that featured all their core services and the kinds of customers they were BCA Round Table 10-09-13  seeking. At the completion of the presentation, several BCA Members commented on their complete satisfaction of their company’s dealings with Burns Pest Elimination.

All member companies who were present received a few minutes to introduce themselves and present information that other members may not have known about that company. Several members explained that they learned a lot about other members during that time.

Find more photos of this lively group by following the BCA photo link.

BCA Round Table 10-09-13  Business Clubs America is dedicated to bringing members together in a variety of scenarios so that members really get to know one another and build a strong trust factor. This strong trust factor then allows all to refer and recommend other members without hesitation. Being a BCA member is like having 20 companies act as if they were part of your new business development department.

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