BCA Signature Event

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness  Clubs America held it’s quarterly Signature MorningCanyon Building & Design Event at Loews Ventana Canyon on September 27th. Over 100  Tucson business leaders, BCA Members and guests turned out for this opportunity to meet new business contacts, enjoy and fine 09-27-13 BCA Signature Event  breakfast buffet and hear the guest speaker. The BCA member hosting the affair was Canyon Building & Design.

All attendees were able to spend time before the buffet opened to enjoy coffee and juice,  meet and greet each other, shake some new hands, get introductions to new contacts and understand how BCA can bring top level decision makers into their universe.

BCA Signature Event 09-27-13Once the program got underway, Canyon Building & Design presented a video which allowed the room to see various completed building projects that demonstrated the outstanding work they do. Canyon Building & Design showed they can construct any kind of structure a client needs.

09-27-13 BCA Signature Event
Ron J West

The morning’s keynote speaker was Ron J. West of Corporate Transformation. Ron provides consulting, executive coaching, guest speaking among other services. His program focused on 4 basic different personality traits of people and how to observe the differences in the work place. Plus he explained how to work with each. Ron has a new book “Corporate Caterpillars-How To Grow Wings”.

See more pictures of this event on this BCA Photo Link.

This type of event is just one of many structured gatherings BCA provides for it’s members. BCA brings it’s members together in various settings so that trust is built between members because they all come to know one other both on a 09-27-13 BCA Signature Event  business and a personal level. Trust comes from knowledge about one another built up over time.

To see if Business Clubs America is a fit for your company or organization, call 520-429-4283 to set up a meeting. We will come learn about your company, discuss all the benefits, answer your questions and then let you decide is this for you.