BCA Member Mixer

Tucson Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America held an evening mixer November 6th 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  for member companies to attend to unwind and enjoy some relaxed conversation. Members gathered at Tucson’s Native New Yorker.

11-06-13 BCA Mixer  Companies that were able to attend were Burns Pest Elimination, Udall Law Firm, Online Internet Results, RCM CPAs, Eagle Rock Excavation, Ventana Landscaping and Canyon Building & Design.

See a few more pictures on the BCA Photo Link.

Business Clubs America brings members together in 11-06-13 BCA Mixer  different settings so that members can learn more about each other, become more comfortable with one another and truly build a strong trust factor and business relationship. As these business relationships become more solid, members can more easily refer new business to other members as the situation arises.

Being a member of BCA means you have 18 companies serving as part of your new business development team. If this type of referral marketing way of securing new business for your company is of interest to you, please call 520-429-4283 and schedule a meeting to learn all the benefits of BCA and see if this might be a fit for you.