BCA Lunch & Learn August 21st

Business Clubs AmericaBusiness Clubs America members spent a very informative lunch Udall Law Firmtime on August 21st at the University of Phoenix, BCA’s Home of Professional Development. Member companies in attendance were the Crest BCA Lunch & Learn 08-21-13  Insurance Group, Udall Law Firm, The Beacon Group, Regier Carr & Monroe, Online Internet Results, Burns Pest Elimination and The University of Phoenix. Data Works attended as a guest.

Udall Law Firm had the day’s presentation. Erin Byrnes and Tom Laue provided the information of the seminar: “E-Discovery – What Every Business Needs To Know Before It’s Too Late”. Members learned about their obligations to preserve,

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Erin Byrnes-Udall Law Firm

collect, search and produce electronically stored information(ESI) when litigation is “reasonably anticipated”. Plus they heard about a variety of intertwined subjects relating to ESI.

Each month, BCA provides the platform for members to hear about a variety of important, business related topics at events such as this.

See a few more photos of the Lunch & Learn on this BCA Photo Link.

Should you want an group of companies to become part of your new business development BCA Lunch & Learn 08-21-13 team, then consider becoming a member of Business Clubs America. Every member is dedicated to helping each other member grow their business.

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