BCA Adkins Cabling Round Table

Business Clubs AmericaADKINSLOGO-DDI-CircleTypeBusiness Clubs America member Adkins Cabling hosted a business round table for BCA members on February 12th. Member companies gathered in the conference room of BCA member Canyon Building & Design.

Among the members attending were the Crest Insurance Goup, BCA 02-12-14  Online Internet Results, Burns Pest Elimination, University of Phoenix, AdVision Outdoor, The Beacon Group, Canyon Building & Design and presenter Adkins Cabling.

Tad Atkins, Owner, Adkins Cabling
Tad Atkins, Owner, Adkins Cabling

Adkins Cabling owner, Tad Adkins conducted a presentation centered around what services and products that Adkins Cabling can provide their clients. Tad also showed the members the advantages of new LED lights systems and answered several questions about his business.BCA 02-12-14

BCA members also shared some exciting success stories of how members were assisting other members in getting into to top level decision makers in the quest for earning new business.

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Through round tables and other types of events, Business Clubs America members learn about one another and build a solid “trust factor”. This trust allows member to comfortably open new business doors for other members when the opportunities arise.

If this type of business model appeals to how you would like to grow new business, call 520-429-4283 to set up a meeting to learn the benefits of BCA and to see if BCA might be a fit for you.